I ask her if she wants me to get dressed and she says she doesn’t really want me to. That makes me blush just as brightly as she is. “Then I won’t get dressed,” I whisper. She bites back a smile and I chuckle.

I find her lips with my own and kiss her once again. My hands press Annie closer to me because I can never seem to get enough of this closeness.

"I love you," I whisper as my lips leave hers and they press soft kisses to her jaw, then her neck. 

"I love you too," she sighs, closing her eyes, blushing brightly. 

Finnick’s lips make their way along my jaw and neck, making my eyes shut as I enjoy the feeling. 

"Are you sure no one’s going to come in?" I manage to say. "You’re still only in a towel.."

"Mm," Finnick murmurs against my neck. "And you’re still in a shirt." He leans up and gently teases my pajama top over my head, then stands and pulls back the duvet. The towel drops to the floor and he climbs into the bed beside me. Seamlessly, he moves over my body, one hand in my hair and his lips finding mine again. I smile against his mouth, and my hands move across his back.



It kills me that Annie can’t just accept my compliments, that she honestly doubts how gorgeous she is. We kiss, but it’s gentle, loving. “Oh, Honey if it were up to me you’d never leave my side.”

"You’d get tired of me," she says.

"That’s doubtful," I tell her. She smiles sadly. I want to promise her that one day this will be our life. I’d like nothing more than to go to bed every night with Annie and wake up by her side each morning.

Instead I just kiss her because kissing is easier than talking and I feel I can make her see how much I love her, what I’d give to have a future with her…

Finnick doesn’t argue with me, but instead kisses me again. I’m grateful, because I don’t want to talk about the future.

Our kisses grow more passionate, more intense. My hands trace across Finnick’s bare chest and back, and then I remember that he is only in a towel.

"Not going to get changed?" I whisper a little breathlessly.

"I guess I could.. I could put some pajamas on." He says, but makes no move to do so.

I raise my eyebrows at him, and he laughs, voice low. 

"I don’t really want you to.." I say, tracing a finger across his bare chest, my eyes not meeting his.



I shower and go back to the room. Annie’s laying on the bed in her pajamas and I’m only wearing a towel. Adrenaline rushes through me as I realize everybody is sleeping. I shut the door and lay besides her, my arms behind my head.

I catch Annie looking at me and I smile. “What?” I ask.

"You’re so hot…" She says and I simply chuckle.

"I can say the same about you," I say.

I shake my head at his words, and he laughs, leaning over to brush a piece of hair away from my face. “I wish you could see yourself through my eyes,” he whispers, and his lips are so close to my face that I can feel his breath on my skin.

I can’t help but lean up and kiss him then, gentle, my lips pressing softly against his. His hand reaches out and cups my face, and my legs move to entangle with his.

"I wish I could stay here all the time," I murmur, eyes still closed, because it feels like something I can say while I’m here, pressed up close to Finnick in the safety of his arms.



Annie tries to keep a straight face but in the end she burst out laughing. I smile and pull her closer to give her a kiss. “Don’t worry, Honey,” I say. “I’ll bring home the food.”

She blushes at the mention of our possible, yet unlikely future together. Still, as much as I know it hurts her to talk about it, I see some hope in her eyes, hope which I can’t deny I still have.

"Thanks for helping, Finn," says Dec. He hugs me and then Annie and I smile. 

"Any time, little brother."

Annie and I walk back to my room and she sits on the bed. I take off my shirt and kiss her cheek. “I’m going to shower. Be right back.” 

Finnick strips off his shirt, and I swallow, avoiding his eyes. I can tell he knows exactly what effect he’s having on me though - he leans in close to press a kiss to my cheek, his skin just inches away from my own.

When he’s out of the room, I pull off my own clothes, changing instead into some pajamas. Finnick returns ten minutes later, a towel wrapped round his waist. He pushes the door shut behind him.

"I believe everyone may be in their beds at this current moment in time.." he says, voice low and seductive. "So what do you say to us doing the same?"

I pretend to think seriously. “Well, it’s not really our bed, it’s yours.. And so I suppose technically..”

Finnick gives me a look and I giggle. “I say that your proposition is a good one..”



I help Declan with his essay though it takes a while and I notice he’s not as gifts with writing, he’s a lot better with math, my complete opposite. I stretch and hear a sound by the door. I turn to see Annie and smile. “Hey you’re up,” I say.

"How long was I asleep?" She asks.

"About an hour or so," I tell her. "Not very long."

"How’s the homework going?" She asks.

"Alright," I say. "Dec’s not the greets writer," I tease.

"Shut up you can barely add," he laughs

"It’s true," I whisper loudly to Declan, and Finnick pretends to scowl at both of us. 

"Not all of us can be good at everything, Finnick," I point out, smiling sweetly.

He scoffs. “Yeah you’re great at everything.. writing, math, fishing..”

I cross my arms and Declan laughs. “Am I better at fishing than Annie?” he asks.

"Dec, a turtle with a stick would be better at fishing than Annie." 

I try to maintain my hurt look, but can’t keep it up and end up dissolving into laughter at the picture in my mind.

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